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Getting To Know Your Home

Having confidence that your home is in the best shape it can be can not only relieve stress but can save you lots of money!
Using the knowledge of a former general contractor and licensed home inspector to inspect your home for safety issues, potentially expensive repairs, or consulting about the viability of your upgrade ideas can set you on the right track for a smooth and successful experience.

Simplify Communications

The nice thing about working with a solely owned and operated business, such as this, is that you communicate and schedule directly with Rob (your inspector).

I carefully inspect both major and minor systems that make up an entire home as if I am purchasing the home myself! Call to inquire about an after hours inspection.
Home Inspections
3 hr 30 min
Contact for Estimate

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Systems Inspected

I carefully inspect both major and minor systems that make up your entire home for safety issues, items that require repair (immediately or in the future) and systems that require maintenance. I carefully document my findings and address any concerns in person so that you can make fully informed decisions.

Roofs // Exteriors // Basements // Foundations // Crawlspaces // Structural Elements // Heating & Cooling Systems // Plumbing // Electrical // Fireplaces // Attics // Insulation // Ventilation // Doors // Windows // Interior

Infrared Thermography
As part of my standard inspection I use an infrared camera (at my discretion and at no additional cost) to help locate problems like leaky plumbing, lack of insulation, pest intrusion, over heating circuits, and other hidden problems.

Additional Home Inspection Services*

Provided by vetted licensed professionals, scheduled by me for your convenience.

Radon Tests // Measuring radon levels for health safety

*I take no commissions for these additional services

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