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Questions About Your Home?

Many projects around the house can be so specific that referencing books or searching the web for answers can become unspecific, time-consuming and often unproductive.

Have an expert help you make your projects come true!

Common Questions:

Is my project feasible?

Are there hidden dependencies?

What systems are involved?

Which steps take priority?

Should I hire contractors?

Is the space right for my project?

Home Consulting Services
By a Licensed Home Inspector and General Contractor
On-Site  //  Video Conference //  Phone

Projects // Safety Issues // Home Maintenance // How Things Work


On-Site Consulting - when you would like Rob to come to your house or business.

$100 per hour, minimum 1 hour, quarter-hour segments thereafter.

Video Conferencing - when your place is out too far and your project is easily conveyed via Zoom Meeting.

$1.66 per minute.

Over The Phone - to ask your questions or to discuss your project details.

First 15 minutes free, $1.66 per minute thereafter.


Rob will carefully listen to your ideas and concerns, do discovery work (in the form of inspections if on-site), consult with you about your options and answer any questions you may have. I can answer simple questions within 15 minutes and more complex within the first hour. I do not provide plans or project cost estimations.

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